The sensational transaction – Sany Industry bought Putzmeister!

Thursday April 5th, 2018


This transaction is already called the transaction of a century between China and Germany. The large Chinese producer of concrete pumps and other heavy construction equipment, in February, 2012 bought not less large and famous German producer of Putzmeister Holding GmbH concrete pumps. The amount of transaction is not disclosed. Experts consider that this transaction will lead to creation of the world’s largest producer of concrete pumps.

The founder and the current head of Sany Liang Wengen, in turn, assured that Putzmeister will keep the brand and the present team of managers till 2020. “By means of this merge our company will reach a leading position in the market of concrete pumps”, – he said.

Let’s note that today the cost of the Sany Industry company on the Shanghai stock exchange is estimated at 18,8 billion US dollars. It is very high capitalization in spite of the fact that sales of concrete pumps in recent years strongly decreased. The sales volume of this equipment strongly depends on the volume of the state orders in the sphere of civil engineering, and it was strongly reduced during crisis.

It is worth noticing that the transaction between Sany and Putzmeister took place after Sany enclosed more than $160 million dollars in the Putzmeister enterprises in Germany and the USA. “Sany is in good situation today”, the CEO of Sany America Inc notices. David Wright. Putzmeister as a result of this transaction will receive the successor with the high level of capitalization, and Sany – the latest engineering decisions and the quality system which will allow the company to get rid at last of a widespread stereotype about poor quality of the Chinese construction equipment. “Sany – is not for a long time just Chinese company. This is large global manufacturer of the equipment, and we do not set before ourselves the purpose – to create the biggest producer of cheap concrete pumps in the world” – Wright said.