SY16C-Tier 4F
  • SY16C-Tier 4F
  • SY16C-Tier 4F


Сlamshell excavator

Operating Weight:
11 000kg
Engine Power:
187 (251) kW (HP)
Bucket Capacity:
0,7 — 1,4 cubic meters
General information Manufacturer SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (SANY Group Co., Ltd.),
Model SANY SH500
Type Grab excavator hydraulic jib (grab installation on the track) for the device of concreted walls in the ground
Chassis Chassis modification Q80
Chassis manufacturer SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Weight 62 t
Engine CUMMINS QSL9-C325 (242 kW / 324 HP at 2000 Rev/min.)
Track length 6305 mm
Track Shoe width 850 mm
Track height 1115 mm
Track width in working position (with extended sidewalls) 4900 mm
Двигатель engine manufacturer Cummins
Type diesel four-stroke water cooling upper valve, with direct fuel injection, turbocharging with intermediate cooling
fuel Diesel (JIS type 2)
Environmental standards Euro-2
Number of cylinders 6
Cylinder diameter × piston stroke 125 × 1475 mm
Working volume 10,8  L
Compression ratio 16,3 : 1
Rated engine power 300 (402) kW (HP )
Engine speed rated power 1900 rpm.
Maximum torque 1900 Н·м
Engine speed at a maximum torque of 1400  rpm.
Specific fuel consumption at 100% of engine rated power, not more than ≤ 210 g / kWh
Main characteristic The trench width (standard) 800-1500 mm
Trench width (optional) 2800 mm
Length of excavation at a time 80 mm
The maximum depth of the trench 60 m
The volume of the grab of 1,2 — 2,2  куб.m
Grab weight 20 — 30 t
The weight of a fully loaded grapple 16,2 — 19,5 t
Overall length in transport position 12000 mm
Overall width in transport position 3400 mm
Overall height in transport position 3520 mm
Total weight 110 t
Performance of work Cylinder force 1200 (32) kN (MPa))
Opening time of the grab 5.3 s
Closing time of the grab 5.7 s
The lifting speed of the fully loaded grab is 38 m/min.
The speed of lowering the empty grab 38 m/min.
The maximum speed of rotation of the platform is 3 rmp
Maximum reach radius (boom reach) 5 -5,6 m
hydraulic system Main pump + auxiliary pump (A4VG28 3+ 1 pump
Hydraulic system pressure 34,3 Mpa
Pressure during continuous operation 32 Mpa
Lifting system Lifting force of the main winch on the 1st layer 256 kN
The linear speed of the main winch is 38 m/min.
Grab detachment force 500  kN
Lifting force of hoist luffing at the 1st layer 117 kN