SY16C-Tier 4F
  • SY16C-Tier 4F
  • SY16C-Tier 4F


Electric Shovel Track Pad For Mining

Theoretical energy capacity:
4,260 m3/h
Working weigh
1,077 t
Bucket capacity:
25.0-53.5 m3
Bucket capacity 25.0-53.5 m3
The theoreticalenergycapacity 4,260  m3/h
Max. lift power 2,255 kN
Working weigh 1,077 t
Max. digging depth 14.08 m
Max. the radius of the discharge 21.4  m
Max. discharge height 9.69 m
Digging depth max. digging reach 9.7 m
Radius at max. unloading height unloading 20.4 m
Radius arm 7.35 m
Bucket capacity 25.0-53.5 m3
The speed of digging 0.43-1.00 m/s
Max. the lifting force 2,255kN
Teor. Performance 4,260 m3/h
Max.traction 4,520 kN
Voltage 6,000 V
Power transformer 2,500 kVA
Nom. the power swivel motor 2X625  kW
The rate of rise of 0.88-1.60m/s
Movement speed 0.8-1.2  m/s
Max. the force of the lateral pressure 1,050 kN
Working weight 1,077 t
Max. the angle of elevation 13°
Nom. power lift engine 2X900 kW
Nom. power pressure engine 550kW
Nom. engine power 2X550 kW