Gazprom chooses the best!

Friday March 9th, 2018


The Gazprom company bought 4 rotor SANY SR150C drilling rigs for the oil and gas project on Yamal. The purchase took place during the period from December, 2015 to March, 2016.

“We stopped the choice on SANY because SANY occupies a high share in the market and has the ideal after-sales service provided by them”, the responsible person of the Gazprom company reported.

The Russian Rosneft bought more than twenty rotor SANY drilling rigs in 2013 for the project on extraction of natural gas in the same place, on Yamal which is the biggest project in the Arctic region with participation of the Russian, French and Chinese companies.

The SR150C installation has high efficiency and energy saving. The lightweight, an opportunity to transport installation entirely is one more competitive advantage.

The Yamal Peninsula is located within Arctic Circle where severe climatic conditions can affect serviceability of operation of the equipment. However, twenty rotor SANY drilling rigs, including SR150C, work smoothly, even at a temperature minus 50 degrees Celsius. The high overall performance and the heat-insulating winter technologies were highly appreciated by the customer that strengthened SANY positions in the world market.