SANY Finance provides the best financial solutions for all customers. We offer indiscriminate finanicial services to help SANY customers purchase the equipment they need and effectively protect their investment. Our financial solutions consist of financing, customer insurance and internal insurance.

Designed to be fast, reliable and easy, SANY Finance helps you buy desired products quickly so that you can immediately put the equipment into service, using financing and insurance options that work best for your businesss.

  • Financing
  • Customer Insurance
  • Financial Insurance


Our finance professionals work closely with your and your local SANY dealer to assist you in purchasing SANY machinery. SANY Finances gives you access to credit lines that help you make investment while managing your cash flow.


We work with highly competent local insurance companies to provide comprehensive insurance services to customers who have purchased SANY machinery. Our insurance process is quick and convenient, and can be done by customer or through the dealer.

We negotiate the lowest-possible premiums for our customers and assist in promptly setting claims, using an expert loss-assessment team, subrogation and advance payments to obtain maximum insurance settlement for our customers.

Best financing solution
Fast and easy processing
Customized service


We also offer internal insurance for SANY Group and its members, providing professional services that include insurance, claim settlement, and related management and advisory services with the cooperating insurance company.

  • Insurance
  • Claim settlement
  • Related management and advisory service

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