The SANY-concrete pump the world record-holder with height of giving of 62 m is sent to Japan for recovery from the accident on nuclear power plant “Fukushima” after an earthquake in March, 2011

Thursday April 5th, 2018


Sany in reply for request for purchase of the special high-rise concrete pump made the decision to send the equipment gratuitously.

Fukushima Plant-1 operator decided to buy the additional equipment. For this purpose the TEPCO company asked the Chinese Sany Heavy Industry a question of purchase of the special high-rise concrete pump. It is expected to be applied not for the intended purpose, and to water supply on necessary height from the earth.

Sany decided to send the mobile Sany SY5502THB complex free of charge, having rendered thereby the feasible help in accident elimination. By the way, Sany not for the first time does similar charity work – last year the Chinese company offered the heavy King Crane SCC4000 crane to the authorities of Chile where multi-day operation on rescue of the workers blocked in the copper San Jose mine was performed.

The mobile Sany SY5502THB concrete pump represents the complex mounted on the 5-axis chassis providing supply of construction solution at construction of high-rise buildings. Concrete can move on height up to 62 meters – such is a departure of a five-knee hollow arrow. At the same time in Japan as it is planned, the complex will be located at distance not less than 14 meters from a water dumping point, and height of reactor blocks is much less than 62 m that has to help to pump effectively water for cooling.

Gunan collected in the city of Changsha in the province, Sany SY5502THB went to Shanghai from where by sea it was transported to Osaka. The complex is calculated on giving of 170 cubic meters of solution an hour and Japanese hope that the new equipment will help them. At present it is for certain unknown whether the Sany concrete pump got to work. By the way, the cost of a complex is, according to the producer, 1 million US dollars.